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Bhutan is a small landlocked country in South Asia, located in the eastern Himalayas between India and China. It is known for its unique culture, Buddhism, and policy of Gross National Happiness, which measures the country's prosperity and well-being beyond economic indicators. Bhutan is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy and its capital city is Thimphu. The country's economy is based on agriculture, forestry, and tourism, and it is famous for its scenic beauty and trekking opportunities.

There are 20 Districts (Dzongkhags), these districts are divided into 205 village blocks (gewogs) and for administration purpose these Gewogs are divided into several municipalities (thromdes).



There are several Bhutan tour packages available, including:

  • Cultural and Heritage Tour: This tour focuses on exploring Bhutan's rich cultural and traditional heritage, visiting ancient monasteries, temples, and dzongs.
  • Adventure Tour: This tour is for those who love adventure and the great outdoors. It includes activities such as trekking, rafting, and mountain biking.
  • Festival Tour: Bhutan is famous for its colorful and vibrant festivals, and this tour is all about experiencing these unique events.
  • Nature and Wildlife Tour: This tour is for nature and wildlife enthusiasts and includes visits to national parks, wildlife reserves, and scenic hikes.
  • Spiritual Tour: This tour is for those seeking a spiritual journey and includes visits to meditation centers and sacred sites.

These are just a few examples of Bhutan tour packages available. The exact itinerary of a tour package may vary depending on the tour operator and the duration of the tour.


A Bhutan tour package typically includes transportation, accommodation, meals, and guided sightseeing to popular destinations in the country. The package may also include activities such as hiking, cultural experiences, and visits to monasteries and temples. The cost and duration of a Bhutan tour package can vary depending on the level of comfort and services included.

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