Sightseeing points in Namchi and Ravangla

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  1. CHARDHAM To advance Religious Tourism in Sikkim, this (Solophok Chardham) recently created Pilgrimage-cum-Cultural Centre is developed over the Solophok Hill in South-Sikkim. View for miles, the 26½ m high statue of Lord Shiva in sitting stance that denotes the area of the fundamental sanctuary. Aside from this monster statue, the reproductions of twelve Jyotirlingas alongside the four Dhams; Badrinath, Jagannath, Dwarka and Rameshwaram are additionally introduced in the mind boggling (7 sections of land approx.). This impersonation of chardham in the midst of the tranquil idea of Sikkim, has turned out to be one of the best traveller destinations in Sikkim, particularly among the aficionados of Lord Shiva.. It can be seen from the neighbouring hill of Sikkim as well as far of Bengal. Indian religious tourist fined the place quite attractive.
  2. SAMDRUPTSE MONASTERY – Samdruptse Hill; the ‘wish fulfilling hill’ is only 5 km far from Namchi, arranged at an elevation of 2134 m (7000 feet). This place is ornamented with a goliath statue of the Guru Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche); the benefactor holy person of Sikkim who has been showering its endowments since over 1,200 years. It is a 45 m tall statue, covering the entire city, and is overlaid with gold that sparkles when the daylight falls over it. This place further offers a panoramic view of Mt. Kangchenjunga among the luxuriously forested hills under the blue painted sky. It is believed that the hill is a point of dormant lava and no one but prayers can hold it from erupting.
  3. TEMI  TEA GARDEN -The “Temi Tea” is popular among the tea lovers around the world. This is produced in the Temi Tea Garden in Sikkim which is the only tea garden here. It is perhaps one of the best tea gardens of the world. The Temi Tea Garden was established in the year 1969 by the government of Sikkim.The best quality tea produced here is the Temi Tea and the next tea that is best in quality is known by the name “Sikkim Solja” which is followed by “Mystique” and “Kanchenjunga Tea”. The tea estate has also adopted the organic method of tea production instead of the conventional method. This has made the estate to be called as the ‘organic garden’.
  4. ROCK  GARDEN - This popular graden has many plants ,floers and spices  of tree. A number of waiting sheds,view points and the water bodies along its foot paths have been  provided .
  5. ROPE WAY -This 2.1 kilometers long passenger ropeway from PWD Guest House to the Rock Garden will be operational from 10am to 4pm. It will be traversing the natural beauty of the hills in that area. The first operational ropeway was from Rock Garden to the Samdruptse monastery and this new ropeway will act as a connect from PWD Guest House to the Rock Garden as well.It is considered to be one of the longest ropeway made across a valley. “The construction however has been challenging due various technical difficulties faced due to tough terrains across the site. But it was successful owing to our expertise and talented team of experts and their constant guidance in this endeavour. For a ride amongst the hills and to feel the facade of the mountains. One can also get to  view the Kanchenjunga range  (Subject to  weather condition )
  6. SHIRDI SAI BABA MANDIR – Is  located at Asangthang, Namchi. This is the first Shai Baba temple in the whole of Sikkim. It was built by Shirdi Shai Baba Trust of South Sikkim under the patronage of Government of Sikkim Tourism. It was opened for prayers on 3rd November 2010 by the Chief Minister of Sikkim Dr. Pawan Chamling. 
  7. ROCK GARDEN – Its  located between Namchi town and Samdruptse. This popular garden has many attractive plants, flowers and species of trees. A number of waiting sheds, view points and waterbodies along its footpaths have been provided. A neat and clean cafeteria serves the tourists and visitors well
  8. BUDDHA PARK -In Ravangla (aka Ravangla) also known as Tathagata Tsal, 30kms from Namchi town. Spread over 23 acres of area this parkland has a towering sitting statue of Buddha which is 137ft 22inch tall. The face of the statue is coated with 3.5kgs of gold. It is the tallest metal statue of Buddha in the world. The statue has been setup on a hillock. The park with paved pathways and surrounded by mountains & forests looks awesome.
  9. RALANG MONASTERY - Its 13KMS  from Ravangal are  the two  monasteries which follow the  Kagyupa sect of Buddhism . The Old monastery was built in 1768 AD and legend has it that the 9th Karmapa head of the  Kagyupa sect, blessed the site of the  monastery with grians od rice thrown from the 111111tibet . “Pang Lhabsol the worship of Mt Kanchenjunga and ‘Kagyed’ Chaam (Masked Dance ) is held in the monastery every year.
  10. TAREY BHUR VIEW POINT - About 16kms from Namchi town near the village of Sadam is the  location of Tarey Bhur. The total length of the step ridge is about a Kilometer. The pedestrian footsteps which you can follow to take the long ridge walk. The  view from the top is great with Kalimpong,Teesta Bazar,Rangpo,Tinchuley, Peshok,Ichey gaon and many other tourisit destinations are visible from here.

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